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A few weeks ago, my friend Rich Spees finished creating my new website and blog (which incorporates all the posts I have put here since 2007, a mammoth job, as you can imagine) and I began blogging there. I won’t be posting anything more here, so set your bookmarks to:

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Moving Toward or Away From Our Divinity
By John Dorsey Wolf

What is written below came to me as “a chunk here and a chunk there” over a period of a couple of weeks. Each chunk seemed to say, “Here’s another part of your lesson” and until I put in the effort to put the pieces together, they pestered me like an itch that wouldn’t go away until it was scratched.

It is one perception – mine — no more no less, and I consider it “work in progress”.


It’s a big thing to go from being a participant to being a trainer. A lot like being always a member of the audience and then for the first time going backstage, I suppose. Anyway, last week, after a mere 23 years as program participant, I co-facilitated my first weekend program, “Accessing Inner Guidance,” up at The Monroe Institute.

First I have to say, “thank you, God!,” for co-trainer Bob Holbrook. Bob has been a trainer for a long while. He encouraged me from the time I first suggested the idea, through various pre-production jitters, through minor screw-ups in the course of the program, to its successful conclusion. He let me develop my ideas for various exercises, encouraged me to try anything I wanted to try, and reassured me that this or that experiment would not be “a bridge too far.” And for those of you who haven’t had a course with Bob, ask anyone who has had: He is organized, calm, funny, accessible, with tons of practical experience and helpful suggestions.


In debrief after one of the exercises during our guidance weekend, Dirk, one of the participants (and a long-time friend of mine) read us some notes he had made.

I said, “that’s exactly how scriptures are written: Someone gets in touch, receives a message, and passes it on.”

That’s what I think “divine inspiration” is. God has no hands to use but ours, which includes writing down scriptural advice. But since the writers are human, with their own limitations and issues, maybe they don’t get everything right, or don’t get it complete. Or maybe they do, but we have to allow for the possibility of error or omission or insertions. That’s why I don’t think it is safe to rest on “scriptural inerrancy”; to err is human.

However, to receive guidance is also human. It’s a matter of judgment. With Dirk’s permission, here is the message he received:

“We are here with you – always.
Live your life in love.
Be generous with everyone.

At the same time – first be generous with yourself.
Care first for yourself in all ways –
in health, in spirit, in practice, in commitments, in love –
in all ways.

Only when you are truly whole and well —
physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually —
only then can you best help those you love and care for.

Prioritize your time.
Be aware how you use the time you have.

Be joyful.”

Sounds like good advice. to me.

This review pans the movie “Papa: Hemingway in Cuba” in no uncertain terms.
Maybe he’s right. God knows, Hollybood puts out some God-awful trash. But I’m going to see it anyway, as soon as it comes around. I want to see what Papa thinks of it.

All right, I’m smiling too — and yet….

Here in Charlottesville, at the University of Virginia, the Special Collections library has a few original items that passed through Papa’s hands: short stories, airmail letters, that kind of thing. Even after several years of on-and-off communication with Hemingway, or anyway some aspects of Hemingway, after having those papers in my hands, I felt even closer to the man, and after a while it occurred to me — that’s what psychometry does, it puts you in closer touch with something through physical touch.

Can I prove it? Of course not. But I can go with it and see where it leads. Even if I’m totally wrong, it may take me somewhere right, and if not, no big loss.

Coming soon, to a psychometrist near you. 🙂

A Report on Accessing Guidance Weekend Program
by John Dorsey Wolf

Over the weekend of April 22-24 I was fortunate to be able to attend the inaugural Accessing Inner Guidance program led by Frank and another talented trainer, Bob Holbrook, at The Monroe Institute (TMI). You can find a picture of our group on another posting on this site. I am the one who is smiling!

It was a unique opportunity to spend the weekend with 16 other participants, learn productive approaches, understand pitfalls, and practice in a most supportive environment. It was apparent that guidance is available to all who want to open themselves to it and have strong interest and intent. Because of the way Frank conducted the program, every participant was able to benefit from the guidance received from every other person. It was fascinating as well as instructive.

We used the latest SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation) TMI audio technology to aid us in achieving a conducive brain state for this activity. We all agreed that form of audio was most enjoyable and helpful.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016
F: 2:45 a.m. Well, Miss Rita, I suppose it is you wanting to talk. I don’t know why else I would wake up, misread the clock, start the coffee, and then find out that what I read as a 5 was actually a 2. What is on your mind? Or do you plead not guilty?
R: I can’t be responsible for your misreading the clock! And we needn’t do this now. It’s always your choice.
F: Now is fine. But if there is an error involved, it obviously can’t be me; it must therefore be you.
R: I remember your humor, very well.
F: Long few years there, huh?

Monday April 25, 2016
F: 5:30 a.m. So, Miss Rita, we have had our experience teaching guidance. Any comments? Do I get that you are ready – or, maybe, that I am ready – to start again?
R: That is to be decided. You will notice that each pause in the flow changes the flavor of what follows.
F: An interrupted process may be less interruption than reciprocating-engine strokes.
R: Exactly. The information – the nature of reality – never changes, or always changes, depending upon how you wish to look at it. Never, because reality is what reality is, and changes [whether they are] within a year, or within a season, or within a month or a day or an hour, are changes within an unvarying system. Always, because no system so vast ever is at rest in its entirety, also because you as observer and participant are never at rest and unmoving and unchanging. Therefore your experience of reality changes, because your part of the process – your end of the polarity – fluctuates.
F: This is meant not only for me but for others, I realize.

Sunday, April 24,2016
[Morning, prior to the final morning of the weekend workshop on communicating with guidance.]

F: Miss Rita, any advice for us?

R: Do the work. Do it diligently but in the spirit of quiet enjoyment. Nothing grim about it. What you want is a continuing tinge or flavor to your life, not an indigestible lump that sits separate.

F: One of us messed up the metaphor, there, but I get the idea. That’s the only real way to change your life, isn’t it, continuous redefinition of normal.

R: Needn’t be continuous but every so often, anyway. Nothing wrong with pausing to enjoy any given pace, but yes, then you may move along, and in the meantime you will be living differently from previously.

F: Thanks as always.

The Accessing Inner Guidance program we just ran at The Monroe Institute over the weekend was great fun, very satisfying — at least for this guest trainer!


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