Saturday, December 20, 2014

F: 7 a.m. Charles asked, “What does she do?” What can you say to that?


R: I gave you a minute to remember how blank you feel about the question, before I try to answer it. You can’t imagine. Not really. You were told [years ago, in a session with “the guys”] “we relate” and accepted it, but it did not really answer anything.

F: You have to admit, that’s pretty vague.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

F: 7:20 a.m. All right, let’s see where we go today. Miss Rita? I have received a couple more questions to address after we finish with the group Charles sent, but I haven’t gathered them into a list yet, and won’t have time or leisure to do so today. Shall we postpone, or can we continue”

R: It would be worth your while to find a simple way to chart out what I’m saying so that in one page, or one drawing – in some compact form — you have a précis of the circumstances I describe, so as to help you draw your own connections as you go. If I describe something and you are forgetting that there are not two realms (physical and non-physical) but one which appears to be two, you will be unable to properly fit the new piece into context.

F: Well, I was thinking, the other day, that we need to figure out some new language to replace “the guys” and all the other shorthand we have used up to now. I’m open to suggestion.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

F: 8 am.

[Charles had asked: “Is there time? What does [Rita] do? Where is she? What about reincarnation? Is she thinking about it? Who or what comes back?”]

F: So, Miss Rita, as we were saying, “is there time?”

R: Separation of states, rather, as I said. Let me explain.

F: Well, I should hope so! 

R: You are familiar with the humorously stated “time is what stops everything from happening at once. There is truth to that, said indirectly which is pretty nearly the only way it can be said. An analogous statement is, “space is what keeps everything from happening in the same place,” which may make it easier for some people to understand the previous statement.

Monday, December 15, 2014

F: 7:40 a.m., Okay, Rita, I’m ready if you are ready. I will bear in mind that anything you describe can be looked at more than one way, which will mean it may look entirely different without the thing itself changing. I will plug in Charles’ questions.

[Charles had written: “You see, I would be curious to know what Rita experienced. Did she review her life? Did she go back and “relive” any moments experiencing them from the perspective of others involved? Is there time? What does she do? Where is she? What about reincarnation? Is she thinking about it? Who or what comes back?]

R: These questions, notice, all are from the point of view of Rita the individual. As you say, seen from other points, the same answers will look like contradictions.

F: I suspect my saying that was planted. Not sure if it was “my” thought, though of course I agree with it. However –

Sunday, December 14, 2014

F: 6:15 a.m. Miss Rita, our friend Charles Sides emailed me some questions, which I will re-read to stir up your tea leaves, and then hope for answers to one or more of them. As always, I am leaving myself open to the possibility that the questions were planted – in this case by Charles, or upstairs through Charles. And as I phrase that, I see again that it is going to require some mental refashioning if I am to get beyond the language – TGU and all – I have been using for more than twenty years. Not complaining, just noting. I realize that you can’t sail to new places by remaining in sight of the place you started.

[Charles’ email:] Cindi Dale says there are vibrational levels where one rests, reviews, heals, seeks knowledge and then the wisdom to share. These are what she calls the first Five Planes after one dies. Then she describes seven “higher” planes where a “soul” goes about “life” after death. You see, I would be curious to know what Rita experienced. Did she review her life? Did she go back and “relive” any moments experiencing them from the perspective of others involved? Is there time? What does she do? Where is she? What about reincarnation? Is she thinking about it? Who or what comes back?

F: For the record, I don’t know who Cindi Dale is. Someone Charles is reading or has read, presumably.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

F: 5:45 p.m. Okay, Rita, how do we get memories of past lives, when we do? The Leininger boy, for instance, remembering his very short life that ended in 1945. What is the mechanism? If a given life is only a strand in our present life, how it that some people can read life after life a person has led?

R: A thread may be very thick, or I would say, better, may be very solid, very much made more permanent by the living of that life, and so it may be more prominent in its expression; it may also be clearer, more accessible; and it may be a good transmission medium for the predominant lives that shaped it.

F: I hear – like the successive Dalai Lamas.

Friday, December 12, 2014

F: 7 a.m. I woke up suddenly, thinking of the question I’m really trying to get to. The two ways of looking at consciousness don’t cohere, and I think if we are on the right track it should make sense of things. We haven’t done that yet.

OT1H – The analogy of the flame is very nice, and clearly we aren’t as separate from others as we sometimes think.

OTOH – If there is a continuing Ernest Hemingway presence, say – or a Rita presence! – how does this square? How can we be both separate and not separate? I can’t even phrase the question very well. What was clear in my mind does not come out clear in words.

Miss Rita, that as good an attempt as I can make. I hope it’s good enough for you to run with – and of course, I am well aware that, chances are, the question was planted.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

F: 7 a.m. Feeling a little stretched, Rita. So, missed yesterday deliberately to concentrate on Papa’s Trial. Shall we continue? I’ll glance back at the material first unless you don’t think I need to.

R: Always a good idea to give yourself a reminder on an extended topic. Some need it, some don’t. Jane Roberts, other trance mediums, didn’t need to, and in fact who knows, perhaps it would have interfered with their getting out of the way. But people who are going to be part of the on-going process, as you are, may or may not want to bolster their own confidence by taking a sneak-peek at the material.

F: Then I will. Back before you know it. [A fast look.] But, I see I hardly have the energy to absorb anything. Maybe just as well. So, over to you.

R: You will notice, Michael [Langevin]’s suggestion that you try for something tangible that could be proven does not appeal to you.

Monday December 8, 2014

F: 8:50 a.m. Miss Rita You’re on. I just re-read the first two sessions – and I will recommend to others that they do so as we go along, because they aren’t long, and it will help to keep the argument and the trend of the thought in mind.

R: If people are receiving this on their computers, they can perhaps save them as files and strip out extraneous material such as remarks like this so as to have a smaller file to review – a smaller file to which the dist of each day’s entries will be added.

F: Good idea. I think I’ll do that too, though I’ll keep the originals as well.

R: So. Both “sides” communicate; all is one; it turns out, there are not two “sides” at all, but one undivided reality in which perceptions determine characteristics. That is, as your perception clarifies, you become able to differentiate characteristics that had been lumped together as characteristics of “time” or had been missed entirely.

Sunday December 7, 2014

F: 9:15 a.m. So, Rita, here I am – hopefully here we are – and I’m more nervous than when I first started talking to Ernest Hemingway (at your suggestion). OT1H I feel like we’re at the beginning of something, maybe something big. OTOH I’m worried, trying not to be but worried, lest the material not be there, you not be there, nothing make sense – you know the litany. But I don’t know anything else to do but to open shop and see. So, over to you.

R: I think you will find things different now, because the landscape is different. You have now had so many years of doing this, and you have seen so many reassuring results of the material, that continued nervousness or apprehension is more like a nervous tic than any real apprehension that might cripple your ability to interact.

F: Let’s hope. Okay.

R: Yesterday was “continuous communication,” and I said today’s would be “all is one,” so let’s look at that.