Somebody said once that we go through life looking in one direction, moving in another. Gurdjieff once said, more or less, “suppose you spent your life in an office, spending a lot of time on the telephone, doodling while you talk. Maybe you find out at the end of your life that the important thing was not the talk but the doodling.”

Similarly, I think sometimes that whatever we accomplish here gets done in the most casual way. I have a good friend who I met a dozen years ago at a Monroe Institute program called Lifeline. He writes a blog called The Sacred Path. ( In a recent entry, he talks about how he has given up following the news for a while, because he realized that it was making him too negative. He gives me credit for having pointed that out to him.

Well, the same thing had happened to me, and friends had pointed it out. Presumably the same thing had happened to them, and friends had pointed it out. I had become more aware of it most particularly after seeing the DVD “The Secret.”

So my friend Rich was reminded because I had been reminded because others had been reminded. This is something small that we can do for each other — something small that may result in something big. Probably it would be a good idea for us to remember to do it more often.